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I focus on paperwork ~ YOU focus on MINISTRY!


Connect!I feel very strongly that more churches should have web presence to reach out to people who are living in or moving into the community as well as to people who are traveling through the area on business or holiday. For this reason, I am offering this package at an incredibly low price.

I also enjoy helping to promote Christian businesses. The more interaction Christian business people have in their communities, the more community people should see Christ!

The basic package consists of:

  • One-year Domain name registration and shared hosting with SpreadingTheFaith.com -- You choose the domain name. (It is a good idea to have three possible choices in case your first choice is already taken.) One email account at the domain name chosen Design 3 basic webpages. Suggestions: Visitors' page (in terms easily understood by pre-Christians), Schedule of Services and activities, Directions page.
  • Up to 10 photos/graphics from Spreading the Faith (Additional photos/graphics may be used at the rate of $.50 each. Please note that we do not do photo editing. Your church is about people, so take photos with people in them [with their permission, of course] outside church, inside the sanctuary, in Sunday school classrooms or Children's Church area. We'll discuss some precautions when we talk.)

Would you like to see a sample site? Another sample site (basic plus)?


  • $75 (this is a one-time, set-up fee)

NOTE: Continuing webmastery service (to update info on your site) is available at $10 per occurrence or $10 per hour if it takes longer than one hour. To maintain the church's credibility and professional image to your site visitors, your site should be updated quarterly. If you choose to have a calendar page, you should update monthly.

NOTE: Corrections of webmaster errors are made at no charge.

If you are interested in website design, please call me toll-free at (888) 879-6966, or send me an email with your name, number and the best time to call you.

"...for we are labourers together with God." 1 Cor. 3:9

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